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E-mail: ortu [at] chalmers [dot] se

Office: Office H3015, Chalmers Tvärgata 3, 412 58 Göteborg, Sweden

Upcoming travels

  • In 2024 I partecipate to the programme New Equivariant Methods in Geometry at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge (webpage). I am in Cambridge for most of February, April and May 2024. I will speak at the workshop K-stability and moment maps, 13-17th May 2024 (webpage).
  • In July 2024 I will speak at the BRIDGES international conference in Cargese (webpage).
  • In September 2024 I will speak at the Introductory Workshop: Special Geometric Structures and Analysis at MSRI - SLmath (webpage).

Talks at conferences and seminars

  • 03.2024, Conference Asymptotics in complex geometry in memory of Steve Zelditch, Northwestern University (webpage).
  • 02.2024, Algebraic Geometry Seminar, online, organised by the Univeristy of Nottingham.
  • 10.2023, Mathematics Seminar, Università di Parma.
  • 08.2023, Conference Analytic methods in complex geometry, University of Münster, (webpage).
  • 06.2023, Conference Advances in Special Kaehler metrics, Le Croisic.
  • 04.2023, Conference Around complex geometry, University of Illinois Chicago.
  • 04.2023, Kähler geometry seminar, UQAM, Montréal.
  • 04.2023, AMS Eastern Sectional Meeting, special session on Recent advances in differential geometry, online.
  • 03.2023, Algebraic Geometry Seminar, University of Glasgow.
  • 03.2023, Geometry Seminar, Università di Firenze.
  • 10.2022, Geometric Analysis Seminar, Purdue University.
  • 10.2022, Geometry and Topology Seminar, University of Illinois, Chicago.
  • 09.2022, Conference Complex analysis and complex geometry, Levico Terme, Bellavista Relax Hotel.
  • 06.2022, Conference Kähler and non-Kähler geometry: new developments and interactions, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.
  • 06.2022, Workshop MARGE - Young researchers in Kähler and Hermitian geometry, Université de Montpellier.
  • 04.2022, KASS Seminar, Chalmers University, Gothenburg.
  • 02.2022, Algebraic Geometry Seminar, University of Cambridge.
  • 12.2021, Conference EDGE DAYS 2021 - Explicit K-stability and moduli problems, University of Edinburgh.

A more complete list of the talks I gave is in my CV. If you prefer a more visual representation, look at the map below.


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